Established in 2021 | Area: 591 ha
Thai Thuy district, Thai Binh province, Viet Nam

Location: Thai Thuy district, Thai Binh province, Viet Nam

Priority for investment fields:  Electrical, Electronics, and Information Technology Industry; Mechanical Industry, Machinery Manufacturing and Assembly, Automation, and Automotive Industry; Supporting Industries, Building Materials, Processing Industry, Textile, and Garment Industry; Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

Competitive advances: Green iP-1 has been selected by the province as a pioneering and focal industrial zone within the Thai Binh economic zone with a comprehensive and modern technical infrastructure system that meets the high requirements of investors.

Power source: 22kV from the 110kV/22kV substation.

Optical fiber is installed and available to each plot.

Total water supply capacity: 60,000m3/day

Total waste water treatment capacity: 15,000m3/day

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