Completed in 1st Quarter 2017| Area: 2,000 ha

Aurora - Rang Dong is  textile industrial park as closed loop model and not only as a pure industrial park of manufacturing, Rang Dong is also designed for integrated urban services with accommodation for workers, experts, scientist in the textile and dyeing field. Establishing and constructing the Rang Dong Textile Industrial Park is a comprehensive right step and take a shortcut of international trade opportunities, open up new development trend to Nam Dinh province in the future when Vietnam has signed and participated in FTA with many countries, TPP and Asean Economic Community (AEC).


Inland transportation:

Located in the southeast part of Nam Dinh, in the Gulf of Tonkin, 50 km to the south from Nam Dinh city, 140 km from Hanoi, and national road 21 which will be upgraded to national highway.

- To Huu Nghi, Lang Son Border Gate:  300 Km;

- To Hai Thinh river port:                          10 Km;

- To Hai Phong Container Port:               150 Km;

- To Cai Lan deep water sea port:            200 Km.

To Airport:

- To Noi Bai, Ha Noi Airport:    150 Km;

- To Cat Bi, Hai Phong Airport: 145 Km.


Total project area is over 2,000 ha.

1st phase of the Industrial Park is 520 ha; 2nd phase is 850 ha.

Auxiliary area is 675 ha


Advantages of Aurora - Rang Dong Textile Industrial Park (IP) in the Vietnam Textile and Garment Context.

– Located in Nam Dinh province, having a long tradition of textile and garment production, large population and abundant labor forces, with relatively low cost.

– Being specially designed for textile and garment industry, with large scale, complete and synchronous infrastructure, green, clean and beautiful environment.

– Large ecological area (850 ha) with beautiful scenery, a series of hotels, commercial centers, training centers, villas, resorts, golf course, tennis courses for overseas investors, managerial and technical experts, dormitories for workers, available workshops for required investors.

– Located between the two river mouths (Day and Ninh Co river), right at the sea sides, with abundant water sources, large scale, modern and standardized waste water discharge capacity can entirely meet the strict requirement of the dyeing, printing and finishing investors.

– Located in a strategic position, convenience for transportation, adjacent to the high way system connecting Ha Noi and Ninh Co Economic Zone, as well as the coastal high way from Quang Ninh-Hai Phong to Thanh Hoa province, with sea port facilitating cargo transportation at lower expenses.

– Professional, whole hearted and effective management system.

– Free and quick responsive in investment procedures.


- Internal roads- emphasizing at uniqueness of design, eco-landscape, creating a relaxed and enjoyable space

- Power source is taken from Rang Dong 110 KV substation. Supply voltage to the Industrial park is 22 KV 

- Water supply: Total capacity of 170,000 /day with water source from Đáy và Ninh cơ rivers surrounding the IP;

- Water supply factory will be built in modules, the first module will be built in 2016 with capacity of 50,000m3/day;

- Waste water treatment will be built in modules; the first module will be built with capacity of 15,000 m³/day;

* Receiving wastewater modes:

  • To receive effluent from factories after in-factory initial treatment to reach B standard;
  • In some cases, to receive effluent directly from the textile factories without any initial treatment


– Post and communication stations to offer EMS, telephone, ADSL, leased lines services.

– Services in providing professional guard and security in the IP.

– Setting up our own fire extinguish units for providing spot and and timely fire extinguish services.

– Construction and providing offices, villas, houses for foreign management and experts, as well as dormitories for workers in the IP.

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