Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park

Completed in 2010 | Hi-tech Park Area 549.5 ha
29, Thang Long Freeway, Thach That, Hanoi

Strategic location

  • Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park is located among key national projects such as new campus of Hanoi National University which will be able to serve 60,000 students, 3500 high school pupils and 6550 staff, as well as Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. These three key projects are the core factors of Hoa Lac satellite city of Hanoi.  
  • Adjacent to Hanoi National University campus with many existing research institutions and potential prospect in highly qualified human resource

Investment Incentives

1.Corporate Income Tax

2. Import Duty

- Duty exemption for goods imported to create fixed assets of investment projects;

- Duty exemption for goods imported for direct use in scientific research and technological development;

- Raw materials, supplies and accessories which cannot be domestically produced yet are exempt from import duty for 5 (five) years after the date of commencement of manufacture

List of hi-tech prioritized for investment and hi-tech products eligible for development

I. List of high technologies prioritized for investment in the Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park 

1. Technology for designing and manufacturing integrated microcircuits (IC);

2. Technology for designing and manufacturing high-definition displays;

3. Technology for developing operating systems for computers and mobile equipment, database management systems and base software providing value-added services;

4. Technology for designing and manufacturing embedded systems;

5. Technology for assuring high-level network security and safety and information confidentiality;

6. Artificial intelligence technology;

7. Technology of distributed computing and high-performance computing;

8. Big data and big data processing technology;

9. Next-generation network technology (NGN, LTE-A, IMT-advanced);

10. Technology of virtualization and cloud computing;

11. Second-generation and next-generation digital television technologies;

12. Interactive television and hybrid television technologies;

13. Flexible electronics (FE) technology;

14. Bio-informatics technology;

15. Technology for designing and manufacturing control devices and power electronics converters for power industry and manufacturing mechanical engineering;

16. Technology for converting and storing renewable energy sources;

17. Aviation and space technology;

18. Technology for designing and manufacturing actuators, automatic control and monitoring units for complete equipment systems in oil refineries, power plants, cement plants, chains for food, pharmaceutical or fertilizer production or agricultural, forest, aquatic and marine product processing, and hydraulic works;

19. Technology for designing and manufacturing new-generation measuring equipment and devices;

20. Robot technology;


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